The First Week of the Big Teaching

The Big Teaching started at the weeks after we had an in-team discussion, our plan was modified. And so “the day” has come.

◇ As an observer to the learners: In the first week of big teaching, our tutorial is cut down to focus directly on the teaching of speaking to order food in Korean. And the main teaching part was not what I am in charge of, so I was playing the role of an assistance to the teaching. As an assistance, I had more and better chance to observe the learning process of our learners, part of the classmates. And there are some observations:

  1. Learning is a thorough process that warm-up is necessary. Our team is the first team to represent our big teaching, and it is obvious that our learners need more time to pick up their learning status.
  2. Repetition and taking notes are two essential ways to memorize new phrases and sentences. And the taking notes techniques varies according to each person. People would adjust their method on the basis of their own habits or language learning condition.

◆ As a teacher:

  1. A new language is a totally new area to learn. As a teacher it is important to separate personal learning condition to the learners, which means to see the learners’ learning condition subjectively.
  2. It is understandable that our learners felt not confident to talk and to participate activities. It is of great importance to encourage and to make the atmosphere friendly for making mistakes
  3. The pace of the teaching process is not easy to control, especially for us who lack the experience of teaching. We taught, and adjusted at the same time. It is unpredictable for teachers like us and so when we cut down the teaching plan, the time is easily overflow or the class ends too early.

The teaching experience is precious even for someone like me that does not think I would walk on the way to teach language, since this is also a chance to see how a person learn. It is a great chance to pick some observations and to understand the process of learning more.