The semester soon came to the end. We finished our big teaching and the professor asked all the group to edit a short clip to record the whole semester learning and teaching progress.

There are actually two speeches arranged by the professor this semester. The second speaker is Vivienne, a online tutor who has rich working experience in this field that flourished and developed so rapidly due to the epidemic.

The second week of big teaching came. As one of the person in charge of this week activity, this was the week that I stood on the stage rather than observed down in the seats.

The Big Teaching started at the weeks after we had an in-team discussion, our plan was modified. And so “the day” has come.

After handed the tutorial, the teaching assistant, however, told the whole class to meet the professor in her office for the correction for the tutorial.

The big teaching actually came a lot more quicker than we anticipated, and me, and my four teammates started our discussion on the tutorial according to the form provided by the professor.

Introduction: the class last week on December fourth, we have a guest speaker, Terry Hsieh, a multilingual speaker that can speak over thirty languages.

  1. First methods we learned is Jigsaw. This method requires dividing students into groups of equal…

Introduction: this class I took required us to learn a new language in group by using digital tools in the current era, and I’m here to explain it.

  1. Korean is a language that related to current trend in our culture and most of us in the group are willing to learn.
  2. It is a language that we are…

Introduction: this is a blog to record my (new foreign language) learning experience through this semester of the class, Introduction to Language Learning.

Chrolisa Chan

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